After a long period of modifying and improve the Carpet Beater we finally have a patented machine with a CE quality label to sell on the market. A machine were we all be proud of!


Carpet Beater CB 2400 SD


The Carpet Beater CB 2400 SD meets the aims and wishes of our clients.













The specific qualities of this efficient machine are:

- A working width of 2.40 meters.

 - Production of 2500 - 4000 square meters per day.

 - After beating the grass, the machine cleans 99% of it under all weather conditions 

   above 0° C.

 - It rolls up to a maximum of 300 square meters.

 - It rolls the carpet up very tightly to minimise volume and thereby save maximum

   space in transportation.

- There are less people needed in the process.

- It is self-propelled with a remote control, which allows for working with it from a

  distance away from dirt and noise.

- It has a self-driving system on rubber tracks, which makes it possible for it to work in

  every condition.

- It makes a high contribution to the sustainable recycling of artificial grass.

- It makes second-hand artificial grass affordable for low-budget clubs.

- Integral patented.


The remote control makes it possible to control the machine very precisely from a distance.

Separating the sand from the rubber and cleaning 99% of the grass.

Picking up the grass directly.

Rubber tracks protect the sub base from damage.


Separating the infill into rubber and sand makes it reusable without further handling.

Find here our Brochure Carpetbeater.pdf



Variations with the same qualities

  • —    A working width of 1 to 5 meter.
  • —    Connected with a tractor.
  • —    Placed in front of a loader.
  • —    Any wish of the client.





Do you wish to receive an offer for your own Carpet Beater please contact S. Schuurman on number (+31) 6 - 518 04 873 or by mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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