CarpetBeater®  is the new identity of a technique for the dismantling of artificial grass which contains infill materials. We would like to share this technique with the replacement market of artificial turf by:

- selling home made machines, more.....

- offering our service to dismantle a pitch for you


For this, we use a home made machine, called the Carpet Beater to pick up the grass and separate the infill from the grass on the pitch. This machine is able to separate the infill materials from the grass by beating it out. It is even possible to seperate different layered infill materials form eachother during the same run. Herewith we create 2 or 3 residual products which can directly be reused.


If an artificial pitch does not longer meets the technical requirements according to the current standards, We do not see this pitch necessarily as waste. Using our Carpet Beater for the dismantling of the artificial pitch, we make it possible to reallocate the residual products directly from the job site! In the context of sustanainable development and reducing the CO2 Footprint we prefer the reallocation of outcoming materials above recycling them.


We can offer you the dismantling of an artifical pitch with our Carpet Beater with a working width of 2,5m or 4,0m wide.

The big machine mostly be used if the grass can be reused, the smaller machine if the grass can not be reused.




The residual products after the removal are:  

  - Artificial grass for 99% empty;

  - Infill sand, rubber or a mix of sand and rubber.


We can remove the old pitch in accordance with the old seeming plan. Out coming grass can be rolled up to a length off 69 meters and the rolls can be numbered. 

This causes the potential to re-install the pitch somewhere else. 


It's conceivable that you as a customer are interested in one or more residual products for re-using them. Our Carpet Beater is a very suitable dismantling system for an affordable price. 


If you do'nt see an opportunity to reuse the residual products, we can offer you the possibility to reallocate them for you, with our starting point to serve the public interest and environment for an affordable price. 


Within this objective it's not necessary to bring anything to a dumping ground, incinerator or the recycling. We will try hard for you to reallocate the out coming materials as much as possible comply with the law and valid regulations. 


For this we now have a network of processing companies around us.


By using experiences at home and abroad, we have improved processes and machinery for a fast and accurate service.



Since 2009 there is a cooperation between the company's of Th. Schuurman & Zn. B.V. and Carl Rennen, in this cooperation Th. Schuurman & Zn. B.V. is owning the machinery and Carl Rennen is providing the projects in the Netherlands and abroad.


Have we aroused your interest for taking out your artificial grass by using our Carpet Beater or do you have questions about it, please contact us.


With kind regards.



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